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citing sources

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to put together your list of references, and you’re not sure how to format the citation in MLA for that article from an online journal with multiple authors that you found in a research database.  What’s a student to do? (And, no, crying and gnashing of teeth are not useful problem-solving strategies . . . in this particular situation.) Simply mouse over “Research Help” on the library homepage, and click on Citation Styles. There, you’ll find a cornucopia of helpful sites about citations in the major style formats – MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. A good all-purpose site to use is the one associated with the featured book, The Bedford Handbook. These resources should help you put the polish on your bibliographies. Good luck with your projects!


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updates to citation styles

Did you know that the MLA and APA citation styles got recent makeovers? Big changes were introduced that will change how you format citations. The official updated MLA (7th ed.) and APA (6th ed.) handbooks are the main sources for finding answers to your citation questions. If you don’t have those resources sitting in front of you, here are a few recommended (with caveats) sites to help you find your way through these changes:

  • OWL at Purdue (Purdue University Online Writing Lab) provides concise information for citing sources in the updated versions of MLA and APA. Under “Most Popular Resources” on the right, click on either APA Formatting and Style Guide or MLA 2009 Formatting and Style Guide.
  • Research and Documentation Online from Diana Hacker of Bedford Handbook fame presents concise information for citing online and print resources for the updated MLA only (so far).  It also provides information for the previous edition of APA (5th ed.) as well as for Chicago/Turabian and CSE. A dependable resource that can serve as a resource for most citation questions. We’re hoping that an APA update is coming soon . . .
  • KnightCite is a citation generator that uses MLA’s updated version. You can also choose Chicago, but, beware of APA – it still uses the old version.

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citation help

It’s that time of the year – papers, papers, papers, which means bibliographies, bibliographies, bibliographies! More and more databases are providing citation help (ask a librarian to see whether the database you’re using does this). You can also check the updated list of “Sites to See” on the right. It now features links that provide help with citation styles.

(For all of these sites and several more, see the Get Help on Citation Styles link under the “Research” section of the library homepage.)

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upcoming workshops

Coming soon to a library near you . . .

In March and April, the librarians will be holding workshops on special topics. In March, the focus will be on getting the most out of your Google experience, and April is all about citation styles. We ask that you sign up in advance for the workshops that you will attend so that we have enough materials and can best prepare for the session.

You can sign up in two ways: in person at the Reference Desk or online by going to this page, “Upcoming Workshops,” on the library homepage. Dates, times, and descriptions for each workshop are available there.

One important note: we need four confirmed attendees for a workshop to fly. So, sign up early, and we’ll see you soon!

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citation generators

As you’re finishing up those papers in time to jet on out of here for your big Spring Break trip, here are some free online citation generators that may help you out with those last-minute bibliography details. (Mind you, many of our databases already have these features in them.)

A word of caution: not everything fits nicely into these generators, so the definitive guide for any citation style is the print guide for each available in the library.

Another word of caution: they don’t always get it right, so remember that you are ultimately responsible for the citations that you put in your paper!

Provided by the library of Calvin College
MLA, APA, Chicago
Register (free) to save bibliographies

Provided by George Mason University
Free Firefox plug-in
Captures citation information as you find it on the Web
MLA, APA, Chicago, CSE, and many, many others

MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE
Previews what the reference will look like
Download or email bibliography

Citation Machine
MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago
Creates references for bibliographies and in-text citations

Microsoft Office 2007 Word
Click on References tab – “Citations & Bibliography” in the middle at the top
MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago
Bibliographies and in-text citations

For more help with citation styles, see this handy page from the library homepage.

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references in MS 2007

Maybe you’re missing the old version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc., or maybe MS 2007 has some new features that you really like. There are strong feelings on both sides, but here’s a feature that you may not know about that I think will unite us all, especially now that papers and mid terms are upon us (Do I hear some “Kumbaya” music in the background?!)

In MS 2007 Word, there is a tab at the top called References. When you click on that, in the middle of the bar at the top is a grouping called Citations & Bibliography. Then, click on Insert Citation, and notice that you can choose from a host of options of things that need to be cited in your paper/presentation, like a book, book section, article, Web site, sound recording, interview, etc.. And, you can even choose the style – APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.

Now, not absolutely everything that needs to be cited is given as an option, but this may be a useful starting place for you to begin the process. And, remember that the library homepage provides links to several online sites for citation information as well that take you beyond the limitations of the MS 2007 Word program (Research and Documentation Online is particularly useful, we find).

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cite this in WorldCat

Have you seen this? There is now a “Cite This” link in WorldCat that shows you how to cite each resource using various citation styles, including APA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian.

The citation link is located just below the “Borrow this item from another library” link within the individual title record.

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