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quick, choose an answer! cell phones & the web

We’re interested in knowing what you use to get on the Web. Take our very short poll, and see how others respond, too.


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vote for a database!! your opinion counts

It’s a little more than a week past the big vote, when people reminded you over and over for a few weeks that your opinion mattered. You’ll hear from them again in two or four years, no doubt, but the library wants you to know that your opinion matters every day and that letting us know what you want helps you to get what you want.

We are always exploring new research databases that may augment or even replace those that we currently provide for your information needs. Currently, we are exploring the possibility of upgrading everyone’s favorite research database (or maybe second favorite, next to JSTOR??), Academic Search Elite, to the larger (and more expensive) Academic Search Premier. And, guess what? YOUR opinion will help determine what we do.

You can find a link to Premier by clicking on the link to the databases that we’re trying out here or, even better, use this direct link to Academic Search Premier. Test it out, and let us know what you think. For your convenience, an online suggestion form is also available on the same page (click here to see what it looks like). And/or, fill out this very informal online poll: 

We really want to hear from YOU!

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