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Library Research Guides

If you need help recalling some of the points covered in your library research session, don’t forget that you have online access to the research guide created specifically for you and your class. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to stop by the reference desk or contact us via email or phone (610-861-1543).



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More on the Check Reeves Button

You may have noticed that the Check Reeves button is missing!  We are experiencing some technical difficulties with this option when checking for links to articles or journals available in print.   While we work on this, remember you can still check the availability of the article you want:

Simply copy the name of the JOURNAL (found within the description of the article you’ve selected) and paste it into the Locate a Journal search box on the library homepage.  You can get to this search box by opening a tab to the library home page, mouse over Find Resources, and click on Articles and Journals.   You will see the search box near the bottom of the page.

This will get you to the information you need to know!   

And don’t forget, if after checking you find your article is not available through Reeves Library, you can always use the Interlibrary Loan Request an Article form.

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China in Focus

Interested in the history and culture of China?  Wowed by Chinese art and cuisine.  Curious about China’s impact on politics, economics, and your future?  Then Check out the library’s China in Focus  guide, created in support of Moravian’s year of China initiative.  You’ll find links to books, films, websites and more to encourage your own exploration of  this vibrant country.

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our new web site!

Our new Web site has made its formal debut! It’s been available since last fall (and you may have already used it), but it has now replaced our former site for good. If you have any trouble finding anything on the new site, please ask us. We’re happy to help and want you to be able to find what you need.

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Did you know that you can find almost 40,000 electronic books (ebooks) in our catalog? They’re accessible both on and off campus, and they don’t accrue fines or overdue notices – what’s not to love?! The ebooks cover a wide range of subject areas, from nursing to education to business. You’ll know you’ve got one in your search when you see [electronic resource] as part of the book title.

If you’re looking for ebooks only, you can search our ebrary collection directly. You will also be interested to know that ebrary is not the only collection of electronic books available for you. Check out this page of ebook sites from our new web site. Some of the sites are only accessible to members of the campus community, and some are freely available to everyone.

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new web site

Have you tried out our new web site yet?

Click on the “Try our New Website” button in the upper corner of the current library site to get to it. We’re very interested to receive feedback from you about it, so go ahead, give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!

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citation help

It’s that time of the year – papers, papers, papers, which means bibliographies, bibliographies, bibliographies! More and more databases are providing citation help (ask a librarian to see whether the database you’re using does this). You can also check the updated list of “Sites to See” on the right. It now features links that provide help with citation styles.

(For all of these sites and several more, see the Get Help on Citation Styles link under the “Research” section of the library homepage.)

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