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Thursday Tutorial: Library Extension for Chrome


The Library Extension plugin searches Worldcat whenever you’re on Amazon to see whether a library near you has the book you’re looking at.



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Web evaluation, Google, and real life consequences

Just in case you ever wondered how those skeptical, evaluative, critical thinking skills as applied to web sites (skills that you practice often in library instruction classes) would have anything to do with real life, read this blog post about Google and the financial consequences of outdated, incorrect information. It’s a sobering account of a very preventable situation. And one, I would submit, that will probably be occurring more often, unfortunately.

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no more google answers

We told you about it before right here: Google Answers and “human-powered search.”

Well, Google Answers, where anyone could post a question and specify how much they would pay for an answer and then “expert online researchers” would answer the question for a fee, is over. After only a handful of months, it’s already “so long.”

And, yet, this library continues to offer a very similar service for free via AOL IM. ( Click here for information about our service.) And, many other libraries around the U.S. are also doing this . . . for free.

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access to articles via google scholar

Are you a fan of Google Scholar, that Google-special search of scholarly literature in many disciplines? If so, you may have noticed access to available full-text journals through your association with Moravian College. Let me show you what I mean.

I went to Google Scholar and did this search: moravian bethlehem. Toward the bottom of the first page of results, after the author and title of the citation, there is a Find it @ Moravian link. I clicked on it and found out that this journal is available in print in our library.

On the second page of results, there is another Find it @ Moravian link after a citation. After clicking on this link, I get to the full text of the article. It’s magic!

Well, not exactly . . .

If you’re using Google Scholar on campus, we’ve made the links automatically appear due to IP authenticiation. If you’re searching off campus and want to make the same magic happen, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Scholar and click on “Scholar Preferences” just to the right of the search box
  • Look for the search box beside “Library Links”
  • In that box, search for Moravian College. The college’s name should now be listed.
  • Check the box next to Moravian College
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and save your preferences

Access to fee-based, full text, library research database information . . . where you are!

Now, who’s your favorite library?!

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find a book in our library via google

For you Google aficionados out there, you can now use the Google Book Search to find a book in a library near you, even our college’s library.

So, for example, if I go to the Google Book Search and type in “mississippi flood 1927,” a list of various publications comes up. I can click on any of the titles of the books, and on the right-hand side of the page, I see the link, “Find this book in a library.” I enter my location information (I like to use ZIP code), and up comes a list of the libraries that own the book, how far away they are, plus a direct link to their catalogs to view the call number and see if the book is checked out or not.

And, notice that, toward the bottom of the page, the book that I’m reading right now, “Rising Tide,” appears. And, if I click on the “Find libraries” link, our college’s library name is at the top, and I’ll see that it’s checked out. I wonder when I’ll return it so that I can check it out and read it . . .

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“human-powered search”

Here’s an article for you introducing some crazy, wild, new search engine.

Rethinking Google’s System: Human-Powered Search” by Ryan Kim, San Francisco Chronicle

And, here’s the gimmick, the big idea, the revolutionary design: actual people answering questions for folks who need help finding information online. Hmmmm, sound familiar to anyone??

Let’s see, librarians have been doing this since the Web began, when people started looking for information online, and all of a sudden, it’s some kind of radical, new Web searching idea?? Some things never cease to amaze me . . .

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nara partners with google

The National Archives and Records Administration has announced that they are teaming up with Google in a pilot program to provide free online access to historical films and videos.

Read the press release and view a sampling of the available videos here:
National Archives and Google Launch Pilot Project to Digitize and Offer Historic Films Online

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