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archives on TV

Our college archives and special collections (not to mention our archivist, Jan Ballard) are really famous now – they’re going to be on TV!

Check out Service Electric 2 tomorrow (Wednesday, February 7) at 6:30 to learn all about the archives and the history that it holds.


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archives in the news!

Check out the article from Sunday’s Morning Call (front page of the Local section) about the college’s archives and special collections!

Historical Gems Found at Moravian,” by Daryl Nerl

If you want the full effect with all the pictures, check out the paper copy available on the bottom floor of the library.

And, if you are intrigued and want more information, stop by the archives in the afternoons to see our archivist, Jan Ballard.

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another look at Moravian’s past

If you’re interested in Moravian’s past beyond what’s available in old yearbooks, you need to make a visit to the college’s archives.

Located on the bottom floor of the library, the archives houses materials (letters, photos, scrapbooks, realia, etc.) related to the college’s and seminary’s past. Most materials date from the twentieth century, although there are also a few older materials.

Check out the Moravian College Archives site, and find out more. Contact our archivist to schedule a visit and get to know your school’s past a little bit better.

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nara partners with google

The National Archives and Records Administration has announced that they are teaming up with Google in a pilot program to provide free online access to historical films and videos.

Read the press release and view a sampling of the available videos here:
National Archives and Google Launch Pilot Project to Digitize and Offer Historic Films Online

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it’s an e-mess!

What to do, what to do?! No one is creating paper documents anymore. A big concern for government and business organizations.

How are we supposed to remember the past? How can accountability be
documented and traced? Must we have one working example of every
technology so that we can read/listen to everything ever created? Or,
does it make more sense to migrate everything to the latest equipment .
. . at tremendous cost?

Join the proverbial hand-wringing!

Oh, Has Uncle Sam Got Mail,” by Anne Marie Squeo, The Wall Street Journal Online

Plumbing and Storing e-Archives: An Industry Blooms,” by Brian Bergstein, The Associated Press

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images and illusions

Check out an interesting exhibit in the library created by the college archivist, Jan Ballard, (did you know we have a college archives?) called, “Images and Illusions: Edward S. Curtis and The North American Indian.”

It’s on the ground floor of the library, near the entrance to the
Groenfeldt Moravian Collection room, and will be there through the end
of the semester. Trust me, it is worth the trip.

And, here’s a link for more information from the Library of Congress about Edward S. Curtis and this amazing and controversial collection.

There will also be a presentation next Thursday evening about the
portrayals of Native Americans in American history – look for more
information about that here soon.

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