New Display: Student Art Books


“Big Ideas” Artist’s Books by

Colleen Hait
Howie Crockett
Devon Bedell

Created by students in the course Processes & Structures (EDUC 266), with Dr. Kristin Baxter, Fall 2013.

Using a variety of materials and processes, the students created these visual research journals that explored one “Big Idea.”

Big Ideas…

“help tell our human stories, to help us know who we are and what we believe… to help us understand something about ourselves and others through art and thereby to contribute to personal growth, social progress, and a sense of global community… “Big Ideas” address real issues and solve real problems that are significant beyond the classroom”

-Anderson, T. & Milbrandt, M.K. (2005). Art for life: Authentic instruction in art. New York: McGraw Hill.

Colleen Hait
My book is based off of the big idea that artwork is not limited to the traditional charcoal drawings and oil paintings. This big idea is supported largely by material choices. I chose a charcoal drawing book as my base, allowing me to cover the boring grey pages with color and texture, alluding to the “fun” and “playful” side of art.

Howie Crockett
Through my artist book I want to explore the idea of relaxation.  For me I see this coming from color harmonies, flowing compositions, and in some cases kitschy imagery.

Devon Bedell
I am finding that I love to use found objects. These can be anything from ticket stubs to organic materials like leaves and flowers. I think these things work really well with my theme of wanderlust.


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