Let’s Talk Turkey

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture 13.3 pounds of turkey was consumed by the typical American in 2009, with no doubt a hearty helping devoured at Thanksgiving time.  Also, per capita sweet potato consumption was 5.3 pounds.*  For more Thanksgiving Day facts and fun see the following links:

Profile America: Facts for Features—Thanksgiving Day http://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/facts_for_features_special_editions/cb11-ff21.html 

 U.S. Census Bureau Multimedia Gallery—Thanksgiving http://www.census.gov/multimedia/www/radio/profile_america/profile-odd-24.php

 National Archives, Center for Legislative Archives Congress Establishes Thanksgiving  http://www.archives.gov/legislative/features/thanksgiving/

 The Nest—Topics to avoid at Thanksgiving dinner http://ideas.thenest.com/dinner-recipes/entertaining/Articles/topics-to-avoid-during-the-holidays.aspx 

 Aristotle’s Thanksgiving –Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz http://home.aristotle.net/Thanksgiving/trivia.asp


*Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012, Tables 217 and 218, http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/

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