More on the Check Reeves Button

You may have noticed that the Check Reeves button is missing!  We are experiencing some technical difficulties with this option when checking for links to articles or journals available in print.   While we work on this, remember you can still check the availability of the article you want:

Simply copy the name of the JOURNAL (found within the description of the article you’ve selected) and paste it into the Locate a Journal search box on the library homepage.  You can get to this search box by opening a tab to the library home page, mouse over Find Resources, and click on Articles and Journals.   You will see the search box near the bottom of the page.

This will get you to the information you need to know!   

And don’t forget, if after checking you find your article is not available through Reeves Library, you can always use the Interlibrary Loan Request an Article form.


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