metasearch engines

Interested in searching multiple search engines at the same time? Try out one of these metasearch engines.

Dogpile searches many of the biggies, including Google, Yahoo, and Ask and is one of the few metasearch engines that has been around for a good long while now.

Clusty searches Yahoo, Ask, and others (click on the Details link at the top of the search results list to get the names of the specific databases). Its main claim to fame is the site’s ability to organize search results into clusters by general subject area, which can make finding what you need much easier.

Ixquick also searches Yahoo, Ask, and others – the specific ones searched are listed on the search results page. The number of stars displayed next to each site in the results list shows the number of search engines that rank the site in their top ten list of results, which can be a handy feature to help you see which results come up most frequently across a large number of search engines.

You can find these search engines and others listed among our collection of search engine sites in delicious.


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