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May I suggest a few alternatives to the go-to search engine for most (i.e., Google)? Since any given search engine only searches a small fraction of the entire internet, it behooves you to have a few others in your back pocket.

Ask is a contender. Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, this search engine has gone through many changes and has been gaining respect rapidly in the web searching world over the last couple of years. One of its primary benefits is that after you enter a search, a list of “Related Searches” appears, which is based on the search terms that you entered. So, if you’re struggling with finding the best language to describe the information that you’re looking for, check the “Related Searches” list to see if the search engine can help.

Another perennial biggie is Yahoo. Once known primarily as a subject directory, it now boasts a powerful search engine with Search Assist functionality. Search Assist is similar to Ask’s “Related Searches,” but instead of the suggestions appearing after you type in a search, Search Assist jumps in with suggested search terms as you are typing. Once you get a list of search results, it also suggests similar topics to consider.

Very useful tools in each of these Google alternatives.

Whatever search engines you use, try the same search in any three search engines, and you’ll be very surprised at the wide variety of results, even as displayed on the first page.


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